Our work together

Zusammen is a German word meaning “in it with you” or “together.” True to the name,  Zusammen collaborates with organizations to help leaders cultivate new skills, maximize their resources, and inspire their teams to amplify their work in the world through:

  • Change strategy: clarifying vision and mission, proactively managing change, setting actionable goals and managing ongoing data analysis, and maximizing resources to meet goals
  • Team development: growing organizational culture, forming effective and accountable teams, cultivating equitable practices to support diverse teams
  • Leadership coaching: developing leadership styles, communication techniques, decision making strategies and facilitation skills
  • Project management: planning for small-scale initiatives, monitoring progress, ensuring timely and quality completion of projects

There isn’t one approach that works for all leaders, teams and organizations. Zusammen begins by getting to know your needs, your style, and your challenges and then uses a variety of approaches and strategies to help leaders and organizations gain new skills to meet or exceed their goals.

“Colleen has been one my the greatest influences on my path and development as a leader.  She helped me determine a targeted strategic vision and implementation plans to support the development of our organization and staff members.  Colleen is masterful at providing much needed support and thought-partnership while also guiding me to move forward to take risks and implement new plans.”

“Colleen helped navigate a new initiative with our team and helped me, as a leader, identify the issues with change management, organizational culture, and my leadership style to help us succeed.  This, coupled with her ability to help us set strategic goals and track our progress, helped us meet, and actually surpass, our goals.”

“Colleen is masterful at supporting leaders to document their processes, reflect on each component and apply key learnings to other systems. When we worked together, I was able to translate the work Colleen helped me design for one organization, and scaled those same systems and processes to leading three organizations.”