Community connections lead to personal and political change

Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

According to a recent NBC poll, 70% of Americans report that they think our country is divided. And with that division comes anger, frustration, animosity, and fear. News stories from across the spectrum paint the picture of how unreasonable and uncivil the “other” is being. Feelings of underlying hopelessness are becoming more prevalent in teenagers, and adults in our country.

The division in our country is apparent in the news, in social media, even in daily interactions–so how do we overcome it for ourselves and our communities? A simple approach to help combat the emotional fatigue of our national climate, is to simply look closer to home–we can think nationally (or globally), and instead act and speak up locally.

In a recent article in The Atlantic ” more Americans said “progress … on the biggest challenges facing the country” was more likely to come through initiatives from “businesses, local governments, non-profits, and Americans themselves” or “individuals taking action in their communities” than by “electing a president you mostly agree with on the issues.”

Local non-profits have a variety of opportunities for making a difference in ways that can yield immediate results. Donations of money, volunteering time, or even being a public champion of causes are all important ways to make an impact and see change in the world. However, many Americans, working full time, supporting their families, may not know how they can help, or even where the opportunities are to help.s

Through this blog, I want to shine a spotlight on non-profits in northern Colorado and how people in my community would be able to contribute, time, money, or even just championing causes through conversation. Look for Community Connection posts to identify how you might get involved.

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