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What’s in a name?

In launching a business, a name is an important place to start. People will tell you there are important criteria to consider—Is someone else using it? Will it commonly be misspelled? Is it succinct enough to remember?Will it come up first alphabetically in search sites? Does it make an acronym?Does it have any negative connotations? One could spend years toiling over the decision to get it “just right”. So, why Zusammen? Zusammen is a German word meaning, “In it with you, or together”. And although the name might not meet… Read more What’s in a name?

ABCD and RACI: Cracking the the Code of Decision Making

Decisions, decisions, decisions–those moments of direction setting, clarification, priority naming, and resource allocating, that all organizations face at various moments in time. Making decisions is essential to productivity and efficiency,… Read more ABCD and RACI: Cracking the the Code of Decision Making

Growing leaders at every level

“To lead” is a verb, not a noun. All too often the action of leadership gets assigned to those that have a certain level of title or stature within an organization—but why? Does leading begin when you have a certain rank in a company hierarchy? Is leading associated with a specific bracket on a salary scale?  The confusion begins when we conflate who carries the greatest accountability in a company (e.g. a CEO, a Director of Development, etc.) and what it means to lead. In my work, both as a… Read more Growing leaders at every level

Community Connections: FoCo Cafe

If you haven’t been to FoCo Cafe yet, please be sure to check it out. Their mission is “to build community by providing nutritious and delicious meals to the people of Fort Collins regardless of their ability to pay while using mostly local, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients.” And they deliver in so many ways. I stopped in today for a tasty lunch of different green salads and a quinoa, pumpkin, ginger soup. Sitting at a sunny table, I enjoyed this delicious meal, appreciated the diversity of community members that… Read more Community Connections: FoCo Cafe

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