Community Connections: FoCo Cafe

If you haven’t been to FoCo Cafe yet, please be sure to check it out. Their mission is “to build community by providing nutritious and delicious meals to the people of Fort Collins regardless of their ability to pay while using mostly local, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients.” And they deliver in so many ways.

I stopped in today for a tasty lunch of different green salads and a quinoa, pumpkin, ginger soup. Sitting at a sunny table, I enjoyed this delicious meal, appreciated the diversity of community members that sat around tables, and even listened to live acoustic guitar as some patrons sang along to “Here Comes the Sun”.

I’ve volunteered at FoCo Cafe before, and have enjoyed the staff culture and the dedication of so many volunteers that do so much–from bussing tables, to making flower arrangements, to mopping floors. One of my favorite jobs at the cafe is rolling the napkins and silverware. It not only is a great way to work while getting to know others, but I also love reading the quotes on the stickers that secure each rolled silverware napkin, so their customers are greeted with a quote the next day.

Want to make a connection with FoCo Cafe?

  • Volunteer. It is easy to sign up through their site and choose a day, time, and shift that works for you.
  • Donate. I love that there are many ways to donate to the cafe–from monthly donations, to meal sponsorship, to purchasing meal coins that can be handed out to folks in need of a good meal.
  • Eat. Like I said, their food is delicious, nutritious, and the environment is soul-filling. When you come in you can pay what you normally pay for a meal (via cash or credit card), you can pay it forward and pay for an additional meal, or you can volunteer your hours to offset your meal.
  • Host. FoCo Cafe is also available as a community space for meetings and gatherings after hours. Their calendar shows some of the upcoming events. Contact them directly for availability and information.

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